Thirsty Light Ladybug

Welcome to the digital age of plant care! While most gardeners and horticulture enthusiasts know that not enough water can be deadly for their greenery, the opposite is also true. With the Thirsty Light you’ll always know when your plant's water supply is just right.

The Thirsty Light Ladybug is a digital plant moisture sensor that blinks an LED to alert the user when it's time to water a potted plant. It is designed to be unobtrusive when left in the soil of a plant, where it continuously monitors conditions, testing the moisture level once per second.

Add some beneficial bugs to your garden today!


  • Drypoint digital circuit
  • Long-lasting LED
  • Corrosion resistant probe
  • 2 replaceable 1.5V batteries
  • ABS plastic casing
  • On/Off switch

Designed in USA, Made in China

Drypoint Circuit:

Frequency of testing: once per second
Moisture levels: 5

Blinking Patterns:

  • No blink: Moisture detected
  • Slow blink: Starting to get dry
  • Medium blink: Dry
  • Fast Blink: Very dry
  • Double blink w/pause: Completely dry/Stand-by

Low battery voltage mode: Slow triple blink
Battery life: Depends on how much the light is allowed to blink. Optimal battery life is 12 months.

Perfect For:

  • Forgetful plant waterers
  • Chronic over-waterers
  • Vacation watering helpers
  • Plantcare services
  • Indoor gardeners
  • Botanical gardens
  • Nurseries
  • Offices
  • Homes
  • College students
  • Brown thumbs
  • Green thumbs
  • Avid gardeners
  • New plant owners
Thirsty Light Ladybug
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Ace Hardware Do it Best

Awesome Product!

"I love the Thirsty Light Ladybug! I have about 50 houseplants around the house and each of them require different amounts of water. Sometimes I over-water, sometimes I under-water. Each plant may also have different soil densities, which makes watering correctly sometimes difficult. The Thirsty Light Ladybug solves that issue - it can tell me if I need to water a little, a lot, or not at all! Great product!"

The Thirsty Light has my plant looking better already

"My beautiful fern was starting to get some yellow leaves. I thought it had to do with winter and the use of the heater, etc. Perhaps it did have a bit to do with the heater, but what I discovered is that I was not watering deep enough to get water to my roots. I am thankful for the Thirsty Ladybug; my fern is a beauty and I am happy to have it happy again."