Thirsty Light Curve

"I think my Thirsty Light is blinking, but I have to stand on a chair to find out for sure!" Hanging your plants is an attractive way to display them and is great for catching out-of-the-way sunbeams, but it's always made watering a little difficult. The Thirsty Light Curve comes to the rescue with a hooked probe that angles down out of the pot into plain view of your watchful eyes. You'll never have to contort yourself (or balance on something dangerous) just to check up on your soil's moisture level.

The Thirsty Light is an intuitive digital plant moisture sensor that blinks an LED to alert the user when it is time to water a potted plant. It is designed to be unobtrusive when left in the soil of a plant, where it continuosly monitors conditions, testing the moisture level once per second.

The circuit that drives the device, called Drypoint, can sense 5 different levels of dryness, causing the light to blink faster as the soil gets dryer, increasing the urgency of its call to action, until it reaches the fifth level, “completely dry”, which puts the device in standby mode to conserve electricity, emitting a double blink every 3 seconds. There is a low-battery mode as well: a slow triple blink. The Thirsty Light comes with a comprehensive and informative user and watering guide, and is backed by a 30 day manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Drypoint digital circuit
  • Long-lasting LED
  • Corrosion resistant probe
  • 2 replaceable 1.5V batteries
  • ABS plastic casing
  • On/Off switch

Designed in USA
Made in China

Drypoint Circuit:

Frequency of testing: once per second.
Moisture levels: 5

Blinking Patterns:

  • No blink: Moisture detected
  • Slow blink: Starting to get dry.
  • Medium blink: Dry
  • Fast Blink: Very dry
  • Double blink w/ pause: Completely dry/Standby

Low battery voltage mode: Slow triple blink
Battery life: Depends on how much the light is allowed to blink. Optimal battery life is 12 months.

Perfect For:

  • Forgetful plant waterers
  • Chronic over-waterers
  • Vacation watering helpers
  • Plantcare services
  • Indoor gardeners
  • Botanical gardens
  • Nurseries
  • Offices
  • Homes
  • College students
  • Brown thumbs
  • Green thumbs
  • Avid gardeners
  • New plant owners
Thirsty Light Curve
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Ace Hardware Do it Best

Cutest darn thing ever

"I just loved the look of the little ladybug but even better, it worked just like it was supposed to! No more wondering if my plants need water. Just watch for the blinking light to remind you."

It really works!!

"I have a plant in a location that makes it difficult to water. This ladybug not only is cute, it really works to let me know when it's the right time to crawl over to water the plant. I had been over-watering and under-watering this azalea. Now it is thriving on the right amount of water. I really questioned whether this would work or not, and was more than pleased when it did! 6-month update, this bug is still working like a charm, and my plant is thriving!"