Replacing Batteries

Follow these simple steps to replace the battery in your Thirsty Light:

  1. Remove the battery cover using a small Phillips-head screwdriver to remove the cover screw.
  2. Lift the battery cover off the pod by inserting the tip of the screwdriver under the ridge just below the cover screw hole.
  3. Remove and properly dispose of the old batteries from the pod.
  4. Install the replacement batteries as shown in the illustration below.
  5. Replace the battery cover, inserting the tab in the slot at the top of the opening and then snapping the bottom of the cover into place. Be sure the bottom is snapped all the way in. It should be flush with the bottom of the pod.
  6. Replace and tighten the battery cover screw.
  7. Verify that the batteries are properly installed by turning the power switch on and looking for a single long blink of the LED alert.

Battery Guide:

The Thirsty Light displays a slow triple blink every 3 seconds when battery power is very low or if a bad switch contact is made. To determine which, turn the Thirsty Light off and then back on. If the Thirsty Light again displays a slow triple blink, it is time to change the batteries.

Two standard 1.5V AG13 batteries power the Thirsty Light.

Testing the Batteries:

If the batteries are completely dead, the LED alert won’t blink at all. To test your Thirsty Light, turn it off and then turn it back on immediately. If the batteries have adequate charge, the LED alert will emit one long blink. If it does not blink, replace the batteries.