Leave-In Method

The most convenient way to use the Thirsty Light is to leave it in a plant’s soil and let it continuously monitor soil conditions. Place one in each plant so you can easily tell which plants need watering.

  1. If your Thirsty Light came with a protective sheath, remove the sheath before inserting the probe in the soil.
  2. Turn the power switch to the “On” position by rotating counter-clockwise until it stops; the Thirsty Light’s LED alert will emit a single long blink.
  3. Insert the Thirsty Light into the soil so the sensor is 3” to 4” down (Note: the probe is 4” long). The probe should be centered between the edge of the pot and the plant. You do not need to bury the probe up to the pod; make sure it will be easy to see the blinking LED alert.
  4. Determine if the plant needs to be watered by the blinking of the LED alert.
  5. Water the plant as necessary. Be careful not to submerge or pour water directly on the Thirsty Light’s pod. The LED alert will stop blinking soon after watering.
  6. Leave the Thirsty Light in the soil with the power switch in the “On” position. When the soil dries, the LED alert will blink again to let you know that your plant needs water.

(Please note: the Leave-In method is extremely demanding on battery power and may shorten the battery life to as little as one week)